Well, it started out with our first dog together, Roxy, who gave Bonnie so much pleasure, she
decided to get a companion for Roxy. So, early in 1999, she wanted a Lab puppy. When Bonnie
wants something, it is usually not limited to just one (Ask me about her diamond collection), so
very soon we had three young Lab puppies. One of the registered pups we bought turned out
not to be purebred Lab at all, which bothered us morally. We did not like the thought of someone
taking advantage of people that way. So we now had two beautiful Labrador Retrievers, one
mixed Lab, and our Black Sheep, Roxy. This is the point where I cut her off, four dogs is enough
for any household, even though the whole family  loves them all. Then Bonnie found another
registered Lab girl, and fell in love with her. The mixed Lab was then given to Dad St. John for
companionship so we didn't go over our four-dog quota, and we now had two registered
females and one registered male.... and our Black Sheep, Roxy as a mascot.
 In early 2004, Bonnie was growing very tired of the daily commute to Bakersfield for work and
we devised a plan to allow her to find work closer to home, which included more intense
breeding of our family pets. Since we had four registered Labs, three yellow and one black, we
decided to breed chocolates as well, and my "Cutting her Off" went out the window. When that
happened, we had two registered chocolates, three registered yellows, one registered black,
and our mascot, Roxy. Then she found a Fox Red Labrador and I decided to give up the fight at
eight dogs.  At this point, what's the difference, coming in our gate is like swimming in a shark
feeding frenzy anyways. Come and visit, you'll see. If you think you have seen all of our dogs,
ask us. We'll show you where we are keeping the rest so it not such an onslaught for you coming
through our gate !!
 All kidding aside, over the last 16 years we have learned a lot about the breed, the  breed's
inherent problems, and what to look for in a top quality breeding dog.  As a result, we continue
to improve our breeding programs and the quality of our labs every year.  All of our pets are
family members. They all have free run of the 3/4 acre fenced area around our house and
occasionally the 2 acre pasture so they are not couped up in a kennel all day and I hate to
publish how many of them actually spend the night in our room on cold winter nights (I can't
keep my mittens on and count that high !!).  It has been more than once that I have gone to the
couch out of pure frustration just trying to find leg room.
 In all of our breedings, we strive for a family oriented, laid back temperament, inquisitive,
confident, and intelligent nature, and show quality appearance.  In some of our breedings, we
also produce good  lines that have all of those traits and also love to hunt.  All of our breeding
dogs are regularly our house dogs and have the temperament to suit just about any family

 We love the interaction we encounter with the salt of the Earth buyers who have loved
Labradors like we have and are looking for a new best friend, and we look forward to finding
good homes for our little grand-puppies while making new friends.  

Hope to hear from you soon.


Al and Bonnie